*** Shinkanzeon: The Wish-Fulfilling Jewel Chapter 1 is online! ***

New graphic story - working title "Dream"

Synopsis - A guy is granted awesome powers by aliens (in the form of a giant anime-style robot) to disarm the United States and prevent the US attack on Iraq.

Some rough test pics. Still learning how to deal with the tools including a nifty CGA app for beginners called DoGA.

Now using the L3 version of DOGA which has some nice and easy to use lightsource rendering. And I switched to Adobe photoshop which I like better than paint shop pro.

Latest version of mech with riced-out shoulder geometry and more bump-mapping of the mechanicals and a nasa background

I modeled this M1 Abrams tank, pride of America's hi-tech army. Its not nearly 100% accurate but good enough for what I plan to do with it. I have two words for you: HULK SMASH! >:)

Nice DOGA light rendering but needs more anti-aliasing. I made a greenscreen double to do the photoshop matting. The sword and thrusters are photoshopped.

DOGA render with some rough thruster glow photoshopped in and some background blur. The DOGA rendered sword glow not as good as photoshopping.

A more detailed hand model for closeups.

Interior of the alien ship.

Some earlier, rough concepts using DOGA-L2 and paint shop pro.

No arms!

No head!

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